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Canadian Tire Price Match

Canadian Tire will not only match competitor's advertised prices, they will also provide 10% of the lowest price in prices in Canadian Tire Money.

You can take all your flyers to Canadian Tire and do your shopping in one place to save time. It's best to make your purchases at the Customer Service desk, as many cashiers will not have authority to perform price matches. In some stores, the process can be time consuming.

The price match policy does not seem to be stated on the corporate web site, but signs are usually displayed near the customer service desk within each store. Please see below for an older version of the policy. We are currently seeking the updated policy wording.

Because decisions on honouring a price match are made within each store, it is possible that it will be successful at one store and not others. Also, attempting at different times can have different results, depending on the manager(s) on duty.

Price Match Guarantee Policy

Canadian Tire will match any competitor's price on an identical item AND give customers an extra 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire "money". The competitor's lower price must be verifiable (advertised price, flyer, phone call, etc.)

Whether an item is "identical" will be determined by looking at:
- product features
- brand/manufacturer
- model/size/volume
- warranty

Any questions over whether an item is "identical" will be resolved on a case-by-case basis by the Dealer, Store Manger, General Manager or other appointed Manager.
The Price Match Guarantee program applies to competitor's regular and sale prices.

Exceptions to the Price Match Guarantee program are:
labour, competitors? clearance, bankruptcies, volume discounts, mail-in rebates, wholesale prices not available to the general public, live goods, web-based competitors, propane tank refills.

More Information

Please refer to Canadian Tire Price Matching at

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